Opportunities after opportunities


Hey, it's me again, a lot has happened since the last time I've written to you all. LITE Memphis gave me the opportunity to sell products in Arrow Creative (Memphis) and work at their retail store. For me, that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Working there was very enlightening they were very welcoming and helpful. They even gave me funding for supplies and a paid internship which not a lot of places offer, and a space to create my products. I was also featured in The Daily Memphian article ( LITE Memphis' Pitch Night is Creating Young Entrepreneurs). You may be thinking everything is finally coming together I thought so too but there's a voice inside me that keeps telling me that it's still not enough. Why am I not selling as many products if I'm doing so well? At that point I began to realize, It didn't matter if I had so many opportunities if I didn't know how to network and put myself in the eyes of people that deemed my products and vision valuable. I've been trying to get more into making social media posts and getting out of my comfort zone. I decided to start making Instagram reels, and to my surprise, one of them got nearly 200 likes. It may not be a lot to you but that was progress. I was so used to getting only about 30 likes on regular posts. After countless breakdowns regarding the success of my business, I'm doing just fine in this part of my journey. It could be way worse and although everything isn't going exactly how I want everything could be way worse. 

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