The Beginning

01/24/2022) I remember it like it was yesterday, I finally opened up my business and I was finally proud of myself. All of the hard work I put into making my business was finally paying off. I felt so accomplish i never really had a feeling quite like this. There have been some things I have been proud of in the past but never like this. I felt like I was ready and had everything under control for once in my life. Sadly nothing prepared me for the ups and downs of having a business. Everyone that had/owned one made it look so easy, but they failed to mention the mistakes they made along the way. They never mentioned that there will be days where you will only get 6 likes on an Instagram post or 3 views on your website. There would be weeks where I didn't get any orders at all. I began to question whether or not I had set myself up for failure. Many people have told me how much they loved my products but failed to come back to buy more, or people would tell me how nice everything looked and won't buy at all. There are so many factors as to why a lot of people won't buy from me and it has to do with my age; I'm still a minor as of Jan 24th, 2022. Sometimes when my parents would tell their friends or co-workers about my business and what I do its always a " I don't know about that, she's a teen". If only they knew how hard I work and some of the sleepless nights I get then they will learn to appreciate what I do.

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